How do I get a Library Card?

Any Blue Earth County resident, 18 years or older, may obtain a library card under the following circumstances: 

  • The person requesting the card must be present. 
  • No individual will be issued a library card for another person. 
  • The person must complete an Application Form. 
  • The person must show a valid and current Minnesota Drivers License or State ID. If the person has a non-Minnesota Drivers License or ID, they may use a document to prove their Minnesota residency (Lease Agreement, utility bill, etc.).

Any Blue Earth County resident under the age of 18 years may obtain a library card under the following circumstances: 

  • The child must have a completed Application Form. The Application Form must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. Relatives of the child are not considered legal guardians unless appointed by the Court. 
  • If the parent or legal guardian is not present (school groups, daycare providers), an Application Form may be sent home with the child to be signed by the parent or legal guardian. The MN Drivers License or State ID number of the parent or legal guardian must be on the Application for a library card to be issued.

Most other residents of Minnesota may register and use their library cards at the Blue Earth County Libraries. Bring your library card to any Blue Earth County Library location to register.

Non-Minnesota residents should contact the Blue Earth County Library for specific policies regarding library card issuance.

Library Card Application

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