Internet Access

Library Guidelines

  • Computer use is limited to one hour per day per user.
  • Parents are responsible for their child’s access on Internet workstations and should offer guidance to their child’s usage.
  • Free WIFI is available for users bringing in their own devices.

Internet Policy

  • Computer users may not use the computer to display graphics that are obscene or harmful to minors. Graphics “obscene or harmful to minors” refer to some sexually explicit graphics.
  • Computer users may not use the computer for any illegal purpose, including but not limited to software piracy, copyright infringement, or transmission of threatening or harassing materials.
  • Computer users should not attempt to restart the library computers or in anyway intervene with the normal operation of the computer equipment or software. Modifying or tampering with the library’s computer hardware or software is regarded as vandalism and will result in legal action.
  • Computer users must notify the library staff of any problem with the computer. Computer users may not install their own software programs on the library computers.
  • Persons who violate this policy will be asked to discontinue the activity. If they continue, they will be asked to leave the library. If they refuse to leave, 9-1-1 may be called to remove them.

Requiring Users to Sign In

At the Mankato location, all public adult computers require the user to electronically sign in to a computer. Computer users must have a valid library card, in good standing. Temporary access will be available to out of town guests. A temporary card may be given, on a one time basis, to a library user who has forgotten their library card.